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Whether you need a loan for a new or used vehicle, Partners Financial FCU can help you get there — faster! Why choose us for your next auto loan? There are many reasons:

Apply for an auto loan online and get the new car or truck you deserve!

Get Low, Competitive Interest Rates

Our interest rates help you save on your auto loan.  With fixed rates starting as low as 2.24%, you can secure the vehicle you want while saving on your monthly payments.

Complete an Easy Application process

If you’re interested in an auto loan with us but aren’t a member of the credit union, apply for your membership today!

However, you can complete our easy car loan application first, and if you’re approved, we can complete your credit union membership.  If, at any point during the process, you need assistance, contact a Member Services Associate at 804-409-9123.

Once your application is submitted, it will be reviewed along with your credit history, by one of our loan officers. An added bonus to getting an auto loan from Partners Financial FCU is that all decisions are made right inside the branch, making the process fast and stress-free.

Flexible Repayment Options

Our repayment options are flexible to fit your financing needs.  Not only can you qualify for low-interest rates, but our loan terms go up to 84 months to help your auto loan payment fit your budget.

Auto Loan Resources

Purchasing a car or truck is a major decision.  Here are additional auto loan resources we have available to help you make the auto financing process easier.

Auto Loan Calculator

Use our auto loan calculator to help you calculate a monthly loan amount based on your principal loan amount, loan term, and interest rate. Along with your monthly payment, you can also get an amortization schedule detailing how much of each payment goes toward your principal balance versus your interest.

Auto Loan Rates

You can view our auto loan rates to give you an idea of what your interest rate might be based on the model year of your vehicle and whether it’s new or used.

How Much Car Can I Afford Calculator

It’s important to know how much car you can afford. You can use this calculator to give you an idea based on several factors.

Rebate or Low-Cost Financing Calculator

When purchasing a car or truck, you might be faced with deciding whether you should go with financing that offers a rebate or overall low-cost.  You can use this calculator to determine which makes the most financial sense for you.


AutoSMART is a database of vehicles that you can search to help you find the right vehicle and get pre-approved for your loan. It provides up-to-date information on available vehicles at local dealerships.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Loans

What kind of credit score do you need to buy a car?

We will review your application and your credit score to determine whether you qualify for an auto loan. While your credit score is part of the application, it is not the only or most important factor in our decision. In general, the higher your score, the greater your chance of approval, but we work with members with all credit scores to help you get financing.

Is it better to get a car loan from the credit union?

Getting a pre-approved auto loan from the credit union allows you to have more control over the car buying process.  Also, since dealerships tend to offer some of the highest interest rates, you’ll likely save money when getting your auto financing through the credit union.

Should you apply for a car loan before going to a dealer?

You can get a pre-approval from the credit union before going to the dealer; however, we have relationships with most local dealers so you can shop and finance with us without leaving the dealership.

See More Auto Loan FAQs

Additional Insurance Options

We understand the importance of getting adequate insurance for your vehicle.  That’s why we offer additional insurance options beyond what might come with your car or truck.

GAP Insurance for Damaged and Stolen Vehicles

GAP is low-cost coverage that pays the potentially high-cost difference between your insurance settlement and your loan balance in the event of theft or damage beyond repair. For just a few dollars a month, GAP can save you from making loan payments on a car or truck that is wrecked beyond repair, or stolen and not recovered.

You can sign up for GAP when you apply for a vehicle loan, and for your convenience, the amount can be rolled into your monthly loan payment.

Extended Warranty for Repair Costs

Are you prepared for a mechanical breakdown with your vehicle? Do you have the necessary cash to pay for the rising cost of repairs? If you answered no to either of these questions, then a Route 66 Extended Warranty is an intelligent investment to ensure that you’re covered if a mechanical breakdown does occur.

The Route 66 Extended Warranty features:

  • Protects your investment from expensive mechanical breakdowns
  • Comes with a $0 deductible
  • 24/7/365 Roadside Service
  • Rental car benefits
  • 30-day money-back guarantees
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Fully transferable<

The Route 66 Extended Warranty is the most comprehensive coverage for all makes and models of automobiles so that you can enjoy your new purchase and have “peace of mind” because even the most reliable vehicle can develop a mechanical problem at any time.

With the Route 66 Extended Warranty Open Enrollment, you don’t have to purchase your warranty at the time of purchase, but at any time during the life of the vehicle. Whether your vehicle is still under a manufacturer’s warranty or not, Route 66 Extended Warranty has a plan that will fit your car or truck.

For more information on our additional insurance options, call us today at 804-409-9123.

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